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Another view of the Fool

In another area of the Study Groups Forum we are studying Mary Greer's 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card. We each pick one card from one deck which we use for a portion of our studies. One of these steps involves sketching or drawing this chosen card -- the process helps us to identify the components of the card that we resonate with, that we tend to not see, or shows us a new twist in our relation to the card that we may not have realized.

In any case, I have drawn my Fey Fool card with three keyholes -- one in his crown, one between his eyes, one in the pumpkin's face -- plus I have put keys around him on the ground.

As I meditated on this unique card I wondered if the crown's keyhole was meant to relate to his mind or to the crown itself? He obviously has to "unlock" his own awareness of his world and himself. What if he needed to unlock the crown; that is to understand how other's see him, what importance they attach to his crown and clothing and what he represents? Then there is the pumpkin -- this is an anomaly, something found unexpectedly that is out of "sync" with the environment -- and represents the many discoveries we make in life. So, he has his own keys on his clothes, but there also has to be keys everywhere in our life for us to recognize and to use.

Now, I am not criticizing the card's design concepts. I am digging deeper into its meanings for me, exploring its possibilities, and learning to better be able to view any card in ways that may stretch or open its meanings. Its a great exercise. We have completed 16 of 21 steps at the Apprentice level and will wait a few weeks upon completion before starting over at the Adept levels that the book offers. I'd like to hear what others here say about these views on the Fool card. Dave
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