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Originally Posted by dadsnook2000
He obviously has to "unlock" his own awareness of his world and himself. What if he needed to unlock the crown; that is to understand how other's see him, what importance they attach to his crown and clothing and what he represents? Then there is the pumpkin -- this is an anomaly, something found unexpectedly that is out of "sync" with the environment -- and represents the many discoveries we make in life. So, he has his own keys on his clothes, but there also has to be keys everywhere in our life for us to recognize and to use.
Looking at your great sketch Dave thinking that there are more keys than keyholes. Makes me think that everyone outside of The Fool is offering there viewpoint to him. Since he is The Fool, the pumkin confirming this new journey, he needs to find his own perspective. Nothing outside of himself will "fit" or answer his many questions, perhaps even questions that have not yet arrived. His suit of keys may need to be tossed, he appears to be outgrowing it. Well that's my key, I mean, my 2 cents
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