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I find it interesting that each side of his body are different colours.

Blue - as the colour of the clear sky above and the sea below, represents both height and depth. Aspiration, depth, justice, perfection, contemplation and peace. Blue is associated with royalty and nobility. Blue is also doubt and depression. In the Christian church, blue is peity, sincerity and prudence.

Purple - authority, dignity, glory, honour, majest, royalty and power. As a combination of read and blue, it is the union of love and truth. In the Christian church, purple symbolises absolution, repentence, mourning and sorrow.

As for the positioning of the arms, I tend to view this as being defensive, as in martial arts. In the association with martial arts, it might also have to do with self-discipline.


Dragon - in the West, predominantly destructive and evil; in the East, creative and benevolent. In Christian culture particularly, the dragon with its fiery poisonous breath, scaly body, lion's claws, bat-like wings and forked tongue and tail, symbolises death, darkness and the Devil as the serpent who tempts main into sin. Similarly a dragon chained is evil conquered, as is its knotted tail, from the belief that like the scorpion the dragon's power lays in the tail. In the East, the 'winged serpent' is celestial, supernatural power, the guardian of treasure, fertility and strength.

As for the girl, it looks like she has given out a battle cry, so to speak. Ready to charge in, and attack.
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