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Piglet has left home taking his meager belongings with him, perhaps to find his true love... I feel like shouting out at him to watch his step, to get his feet firmly on the ground - yet at the same time part of me admires him for being so bold and that things will work out ok in the end.
The little dog looks like a toy and makes him look young, the bag on the end of the stuck gives me the impression that it contains all of his worldly possesions, the flower in his hand could be his gift to the one has set out to find, he seems to be wearing his smartest clothes and so wants to make a good impression, he seems blinded by the sun (so focussed on the distance) to notice the cliff edge right in front of him.
The piglet seems totally carefree and without a worry in the world - a real dreamer - I can almost here him whistle the tune to "always look on the bright side of life...". The saying that springs to mind is "fools leap where angels fear to tread", and that in boldness there is greatness, just go out and do it, seize the day.
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