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Just got this deck today and absolutely love it! It seems to be considered a cute, but strange deck - however I find it very melancholy/bittersweet at the same time. Especially the Fool (but it could just be my 'off-mood' at the moment)...

Unlike the RWS Fool (who seems to be descending a mountain), this little pig seems to have climbed up one - as if to escape the cold, dreary world below and to sniff the fresh air high up in the mountains.

His toy dog gives me the impression that he is an orphan, a lost child seeking a home or new life.

He's not aware of the fall before him, but if he is, this gives him a very melancholy feel - he can go no further, but back down to the scary world below. But for a short while at least, he can saviour this moment of freedom.
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