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The Queen of Wands has a warm glow to her, but this active fiery glow is something she has conciously decided to use. Her skin is a cool tone like most other people in the deck but she has chosen a warm orange color for her clothing and hair.

The tree is bare and the environment could look bleak but she is choosing to change her surroundings with warmth and creativity (painting the flowers orange.)

The mouse shows that she sometimes feels quite small and timid but she still puts on her glowing energy and takes risks to transform her situation.

When the card comes up it could have to do with taking risks; taking charge of your enviornment or situation; choosing to feel and use a warm, friendly, exciting kind of energy in your interactions with people; creative projects.

I got this card in my daily readings the other day, together with the Four of Pentacles, and it was definitely telling me to get busy on some creative work I've been not-doing.

She has that giant paintbrush and she is up out of her chair. Get up, do it!
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