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I've pulled this card today and it stumped me. I'm still new, so courts tend to do that a lot. One thing I like about this deck is that even the courts have their own little stories to them, you just have to look hard enough.

To me, the Queen is the reason the flowers are there. The dead tree, the throne made of sticks, they make me think that this scene was actually a barren field before she arrived. Once she found herself there, she made flowers pop up everywhere.

She's revitalizing the field with her energy. The dark, cloudy sky keeps the sun out of sight, but things are growing in spite of that. Her fiery energy gives life to the dead ground. Heck, flowers are even popping up on the throne, which isn't even rooted in the ground.

The fact that the tree behind her still has no leaves and stumpy branches makes me think that while she's started everything growing again, things still take time. All the fire power she has is still only a trigger to get things in motion.

That's just my two cents for today.
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