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Herbal Tarot - 9 of Swords - Valerian

My herbal deck finally arrived and I was think maybe we could start a new card. I picked the 9 of Swords because I have some experience with Valerian.
I like the fact that this herb is used to fight the nightmares of the 9 of Swords by aiding in sleep. I don't sleep so well at night, I sleep better during the day unfortunately. This herb you need to take about 2 weeks before you can see any results. But it is VERY STINKY!!! I used to make my own capsules of it and I kept in a bag, in a tuperware container inside another larger tuperware container and I could still smell it when I opened my cabnet.
But I like the card. I enjoy the fact that there is just a little bit of water in the right corner. She doesn't see and isn't touching it. It is like reassurance that everything is going to be ok, she just needs to open up to it. It also looks like she is an osterage hiding her head in the sand so to speak. Covering her eyes refusing to see her problems. Sometimes our nightmares and dreams are there to show what the problems really are. I think this is an excellent 9 of Swords, what are other peoples' thoughts?
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