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Glad you got your deck too hyatt I am very happy with mine, I think this is a deck I will really use.
About the 9 of swords: the card itself doesn't look too bad, the surroundings are peaceful, there is some green and some water so she is probably at a rather nice place. But she does not see it at all, and she is dressed in a dress of a very drab colour, the only drab thing on the card. She is wearing a belt with more cheerful colours though, so maybe she has not lost all hope.

About valerian:
I once had tea which was a mixture of herbs, among others valerian, and the tea was called "evening mix" or something similar, meant to drink before going to bed. We may not like the smell of valerian, but cats often do. When I had left the box on the table, they had torn open the carton box, spread all the tea bags around, some torn open, and were happily rolling around in it like junkies who had had their fix . One of its folkore names is "Cat's Valerian".
Valerian is an excellent choice for this card, a natural soother.
In folklore magic it was also used to protect the house and to solve conflicts between spouses. So it had an overall calming effect.
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