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The king of cups looks like he has read everything about life and does not need to experience it. Why experience something you have read? Then there is his right hand outstretched. It looks like he is telling you that you can be just like him and read about life or you can go outside and explore the world. Now seeing the waves moving roughly could it mean that the king emotion is everywhere? Could it be that the king is afraid in what he might discover may be false in what he read? Next we have the mask. Is the king masking his feelings? Afraid that people might see the real him and how vulnerable he may be. Is that the reason why he has a crown? That he rather use logic then his emotions. Lastly, there is the wand. Iím not sure what I can say about the wand. Is it there for him to hold himself up or that he stands behind his actions?

I really donít know what I can about the king of cups except that he is a very intelligent man but I canít help to wonder why the man hides his passion/feelings. That's my view with this king.
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