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Why do you think specifically, hang on, those are grapes, look at the leaves.

Why do you think the artist specifically chose grapes and a pumpkin/gourd? And...some mysterious green shapes next to the gourd which may be leaves.

They could represent a good feast, enforcing the idea of this card as a party. The rabbits could almost be dancing. But wouldn't a cornucopia be more traditional to represent a feast? Initially I thought that a single bunch of grapes and one raw gourd wouldn't be enough for a party, but they're placed at the edges of the picture, like we've zoomed in past the trestles and tables piled high with food, to the rabbits, so that only a little bit of the food shows in the picture now.

The middle rabbit looks like zie just finished a speech and is calling a toast. The feeling I get from the right rabbit is 'hell yeah!'. Perhaps zie's had a little too much fermented grape juice. The left rabbit is holding up zie's goblet to toast whoever, but with just the right amount of social grace - zie's not super into it like the right rabbit.

I know the stares of the animals are a feature of this deck, but with the way this is set up it looks like a photo a fourth member has taken at a party, where everyone is looking at the camera as the flash goes off, right before the drinking and partying really get underway.

Yeah, card? Good times ahead. But why specifically grapes and a gourd?
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