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Originally Posted by Extoria View Post
Yeah, card? Good times ahead. But why specifically grapes and a gourd?
The more I examine this deck, the more I see how it directly plays off of RWS. If you look closely at the 3 of cups in RWS there is also a squiggle of grapes and a pumpkin/squash in the foreground on that depiction.

I actually haven't done the research on what these symbols officially indicate in RWS, but for me I see these items as symbolizing celebration of the harvest. The grapes have been ground to make wine (served in the chalices), and the squash/pumpkin is harvested in the fall, along with many other crops before the coming of winter. Rejoice with friends and family, as you are reaping the benefits of what you have worked for (together)! Enjoy this moment of rest with celebration, and reaffirm those relationships which you may come to count on in colder times.

The white robes I also see as playing off the toga-like outfits in RWS.
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