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If you don't have the energy for both, the study threads will always be here, so you could always come and use these threads as a resource if you study it later on. There will probably always be people who might join in if they see someone resurrecting the study again.

This study group always seems to just wither on the vine and never go anywhere, but I do feel it's an important enough deck in the history of Tarot that we should make some efforts to keep it alive and well.

This evening I'll be posting a thread on the High Priestess.

I have both sizes, too, but I love the little mini deck more because it's small and my hands are small. Besides, I live in a motorhome and have space issues, so small decks make more sense for me than the big ones. I'm trying to collect as many mini decks as I can.

What I suggest, since you have both decks. is that you find the card you're studying in the larger deck and put it where you can see it all day and then just use your mini deck for doing spreads, if spreads will be included in your method of learning.
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