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Originally Posted by swedishfish612 View Post
lol about the thundering silence! I'm reading, just haven't decided if I'm going to join in or not. I hate to commit and then give up after two or three cards.

But I lay the cards out yesterday and looked at them. I'm struck by how much I enjoy the artwork, even though it's more primitive. There's a lot of energy and love in these cards.

I like your idea about reading with the mini-deck and using the regular sized more for display, most likely on my altar. I've done that with my giant RWS cards in the past. The minis are much better, especially if you're pulling multiple cards for a spread.
I know what you mean about starting in a study group only to abandon it after a few cards. I've done that multiple times in the past with other study groups.

Feel free to just lurk if you like. Then if you suddenly have an insight about something in one of the cards or about a specific card, you can always jump in and post. No need to feel that you'll be held to participating in the whole study.
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