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Originally Posted by MizGrace View Post
Good to see you here Ana Luisa :-) its such a fun deck reminds me of Tim Burton artwork I am constantly drawn to think of Johnny Depp that's not a bad thing really. The lovers looks a little like Pirates of the Caribbean J.Depp.What would happen if captain Jack dated Kira during the film. reminds me that moment when in the sand she tempts him jokingly and grabs his bottle of rum.
That's true, it does! Glad to be here too. This deck is a puzzle to me. I do not like Tim Burton movies nor his vibe/art/philosophy. It has A LOT of value and that this man has in bunches but it's not for me... Funnily enough, I felt attracted to the Sweet Twilight. Probably because of the ridiculous amount of symbols in each card! So much so that I don't use this deck as Tarot but as an oracle. The expressions, the feel, the color, the symbols give me the message. Not the suits or the numbers. It doesn't work with this deck. I will go over the other threads to see if they study some cards that are too enigmatic for me. You'll be seeing me around
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