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Originally Posted by MizGrace View Post
I dont understand using the tarot as an oracle. I have only known of using oracle cards as an oracle. how is this done do you have to remove cards so its only so many cards in the deck? I cant get my head around this method.Care to share this Ana Luisa? if its too private nps.
Private ? No! I simply do not take account of the card as Tarot would label it. For instance, take the Emperor from the Sweet Twiligh. Usually, the tradicional meaning would imply sterness, control, rules and dominance. Now, in the TST, to me, the image says something completely different. And that's what I go by. To me, the fact that he is split in two may come as bipolar, as moody, as two-faced or as a person who has a double life. See where I'm getting at ? I do not consider it being the emperor but read what the image shows. That's what I call using it as an oracle. Maybe the term I used is not appropriate...
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