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Originally Posted by Luna's Crone View Post
Since this is a study group. we are gonna go card by card...but tomorrow I will get up a pix from each deck of the king of Wands on here.
Originally Posted by Sztar View Post
Ok but note that the thread that discusses restarting the group says that we can do any card. Considering that this study group appears to have fewer participants, I think there might be more participation and less chance of the discussion dying if we are less hard and fast about going in order. Also, the previous study threads include random cards. Just my two cents!
It's fine to study the cards out of order and whenever I've participated in a study group myself I've found it's better to do it that way.. It means that people can study cards as they pull them and in my experience, study groups that are done that way tend to be the ones that continue the longest.

When the cards are studied in a particular order people tend to be waiting for the 'study group leader' to put up a card and that way people tend to drop out because they just get fed up.. To me, studying cards randomly, as they're pulled seems a much more organic and intuitive way of doing things..

Up to you guys of course, that's just my experience in over 10 years of being involved in study groups so I thought I'd chime in.

Note: Once this has been read I'll move this conversation over to the 'restarting the study group' thread as it's off topic to the King of Wands study thread .

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