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Originally Posted by ana luisa View Post
SO many details in this card... when I first got the deck, I thought this was a sweet card. But upon further observation, some things came to mind.

Yes, they are in love. They took a chunk of the world only for themselves. There's nothing more than the two of them. Like the world didn't exist but for their presence. There is their long hair (no braids, no knots, secrets being revealed). They both let their hair down, feel absolutely at ease with each other. The rose shows passion that is growing from friendship (hence the pink lilies). However, there is not a total balance here. I would say that in this relationship, she has already "surrendered" while he hasn't. The roses are on her side of the world while the lily is on his. She is totally naked while he isn't. Her face is being held by him while he is peeking at the reader, not completely "in the moment".
In short, this could be the start of something big but it is not quite there.
This is my favorite and most used deck. I noticed this about the Lovers as well, that it seemed very one sided.

It's also interesting that it lacks that third figure usually found on a love card (the angel or priest or what have you) because that brings to mind the stability. So a structure can't stand on just two points, you need a third to make it stable.

I feel like this card is pointing to romantic love which may not be forever love and often doesn't have the stability it needs to last.
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