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I have a very similar story to tell about how I discovered Motherpeace. The woman that introduced me to tarot had this deck. I was 18 and she was 32, in my eyes she was the essence of what I thought the perfect woman was. Confident, honest but kind and sensual. At the time I knew that I wasn't ready for this deck. Deep down I knew I would be getting this deck sometime when I felt ready. So I read the Rider Waite for many years.

Okay, when I was 30 I thought it was time to get Motherpeace. I ordered it along with a book. It came from Amazon and I thought "hmm this is a small box". I had gotten the mini deck by mistake. However at the time I realized that it wasn't a mistake since I hadn't looked close enough to read that it was a mini. I obviously wasn't ready for the big deck. So I did read the mini deck with the idea that one day I would be ready for the full size deck.

Back in June I became a nurse. At the same time I started on the biggest time of spiritual growth of my lifetime so far. I would compare it to the Motherpeace death card. I was shedding my old skin and becoming a new person like the snake on the card.

To make a long story short I came to the conclusion that I was finally ready for the big time. I ordered the full size deck. It is supposed to be here this coming Friday. So finding others interested in this deck has happened at a perfect time for me. It is all coming together for me. I am very happy to be finding others who love this deck too.

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