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That's as far as I'm going to take it at the moment but some of the other features I'll be covering during the Horary thread, such as the fixed stars, Arabic Parts/Greek Lots and antiscia (though not all at once LOL)

For the moment till we start on the Horary thread on Monday, try casting some charts, including your own natal one just to get familiar with the process.

Any questions with the software please post your questions here.

Finally as a check that you're entering data correctly compare your results with a known accurate source - hence the suggestion of doing your own natal chart. If you haven't got a copy of it then check your Morinus results against

Data entry is the main source of error, even experienced Astrologers such as myself have been known to enter the data incorrectly . The most common faults are entering a morning time as though it were evening, e.g. 7 pm instead of 7 am. The sure way to check is to look for the Sun. If it's 7 am the Sun will be somewhere near the Ascendant (depending on season and time of year), if it's 7 pm the Sun will have set in Winter, that is below the Descendant or near setting in Summer.

The other common error is on the GMT offset. This is set in Hours in Morinus If you were born in the USA your offset is GMT- because you are behind GMT if you were born in Australia your offset is GMT+ because you are ahead of GMT. The further West or East you are of GMT the greater the offset in hours (GMT- and GMT+ respectively)
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