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Originally Posted by squeakmo9
Sometimes those things that we think protect us can hurt us, and cause a "separation" mentality.
I think crying can be very healing, and it's interesting how you can see the colors as they roll off the frozen face on this card. There is a warmth in recognizing and surrendering to emotions.
I have the ability to be my own best friend and my own worst enemy, and when I see this card, this comes to mind. I like the way this card depicts a "get-free-card" begin the melting process, invite the emotions, to balance off the purely "rational" mind.
I totally love the way you interpret this card..
I understand the meaning of it really. But when it shows up in a reading, I find it hard, again, to relate it with all the other cards.

When I look at Ice-Olation, I see this person crying. And this person is stuck in ice. To me, that person used to be cold. This person used to be extremely realistic, rational. This person didn't want to let any place to emotions, good or bad. That person was being guarded. Not only towards others but towards himself/herself. That person was lying to himself/herself. Didn't want to feel his emotions.

And to me, the tears is acceptance. The person is just giving up on protecting himself/herself so much. This person is starting to face reality. This person starts to be open about his/her real feelings. That person is crying because that person is accepting that she loves, that she's scared, that she's sad, etc. She's accepting her/his feelings.

So when it shows up in a reading, it is really positive to me. It means that the person is just allowing himself/herself to feel emotions that he had been trying to block all along, consciously or unconsciously. That person is surrendering to his emotions.
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