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How is the Gothic Tarot as a first-ever decK?

I have a friend who's never touched a tarot deck before, and he's shown a lot of interest in learning. I offered to buy him his first deck ever. He picked Vargo's Gothic Tarot over such decks as the Gothic Tarot of Vampires, the Tarot of the Old Path, and Osho Zen, among many others...(the drawing power of Vargo's Gothic! lol!)

Anyway, I'm a little concerned about giving this deck to a tarot "virgin." The symbology and imagery of the Gothic Tarot are in a league of its own--it's definitely not traditional! I tried to recommend Hanson-Roberts and Robin Wood to him, but he wanted a "dark" deck...and how many "dark" decks out there are beginner-friendly? I definitely think Vargo's Gothic isn't, unless perhaps if my friend checks the index of this study group and reads as much as he can...

I would want him to start with RWS-based decks, then he can move on to decks such as this. But starting with the Gothic Tarot might make him less dependent on those books and more dependent on his intuition...What do you guys think?
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