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Wow ... I'd think I am this friend of yours if I did not know any better, because Vargo's Gothic tarot is my first tarot deck. I found the deck a week ago at the mall.

And yes, it sort of "talked" to me in a way that in the end I decided to buy it over the "normal" looking decks as well as giving up the non-tarot merchandise that I had intended to buy originally - I chose the Gothic tarot. Maybe its dark hues stood out. Maybe I'm a dark person so dark things are what I connect with best naturally - for whatever the reason - I chose this deck.

You know what? Back then, I didn't think I was going to buy the deck for serious tarot readings, but I was buying it simply on account of the breathtaking art. But now my thoughts changed. I've come to realise the cards are more than just aesthetically pleasing things. They have actual powers - I cannot wait to decipher, to bring them all out! That is what the cards seem to want. And so I oblige. I'm a beginner tarot reader now.

People seem to fear the cards might be too confusing for starters. It isn't. That's because Vargo's LWB is easy to understand. The qualities of each card are listed, plainly, in a way no beginner could possibly misunderstand. Very unlike some of the other online LWBs I found. In the other guide books, the descriptions about the Knight, the Hierophant, the Princess, etc, are confusing to me. Vargo's book is clearer, and therefore, ideal!

Tarot-readers here are collectors. I will try looking for another deck - perhaps start a small collection - it certainly sounds interesting. But unfortunately I felt non of the "voice" from another deck like the one I first felt with Vargo's deck. I suppose I shall have to keep looking,
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