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Tarot of Prague Cafe Club - 8 Wands

This card is quite different to what we normally expect to see in the 8 of Wands. Movement is shown by the 8 vibrant wands flying through the sky. They have a lot of energy, seen in their screaming faces. All the faces are different which could depict lots of different things on the go. They look like they are noisy, uncontrollable and chaotic. There is a lot going on and things could be all 'up in the air'. Progress is a key word.

On the other hand, the background shows angels which appear to be moving much more slowly. This may be an illusion but angels tend to be associated with guidance, grace, and calmness. They are also messengers and the message here appears to be that we have time, slow down, don't rush into things. This message is enforced by the fact that the main angel carries a lamp and an hour-glass.

The stork is also a messenger, so news, messages, journeys and communication, could all be key pointers to understanding this card.

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