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Originally Posted by ivanna View Post
I do not like this card at all. The emperors face seems to be a bit stupid. Sorry, but this Is what I felt first when I saw it. It is like the idiot who inherit the throne just because he is the son of the king, but nothing more?
And the face of the lion seems to be saying something similar to "OMG what an idiot"
I should start to look at this card with a different view, maybe I have some prejudices, but this Is not the face an emperor should have...

like if he is so tired or does not know what to do, indecisive.

An ugly card
Yes, yes, yes, ditto, and exactly...

I'm bummed about this card. I just can't take him seriously with that dopey look on his face.

Also, I noticed he is barely holding onto his scepter, like he doesn't care if it falls. He is slouching. That's not a man I would respect.
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