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Originally Posted by Mallah View Post
First off, I love the new card, and I love the direction this deck is seems like you are having a lot of fun bringing in...what do I call it...modernity? Images from outside of traditional tarot that nevertheless reflect how ubiquitous the archetypes are in our modern world. And how true! I love your work in the Rosetta (I still don't have mine yet cuz I've been unemployed...) but this is just over the top. How many times do you find you have to do each card to get it "just so?"
Hi Mallah! Thanks - I really am having fun trying to modernize them, without them looking too modern.

As far as how many times I have to do each card, luckily it is only once as I am terribly impatient with re-doing anything (my birth court card is Knight of Wands, go figure). But I labor over the pencil part of the sketch until it is just right, before beginning the inking, then removing the pencil work. Luckily the substrate I am working on can take lots of pencil and still erase cleanly, as long as too much pressure isn't used which could "dent" it.
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