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Originally Posted by starlightexp View Post
Wow. such an INTERESTING take on this card. I'll admit that my first look was one almost of indifference, which is not normally the case with your art work Babs. I thought,"eh". Then I went back an hour or so later and just looked at it and then I got it. It defiantly is not an image that hits you right at first glance like The Fool, but it IS a great card. Love the beehive worked in and the colors on the grass are vibrant and full of life. How did the idea of the heart hive come to you?
The heart-hive is an image that came to me in a dream. I woke seeing in one day, the heart chambers filled with honeycomb. Interestingly too, if you look at the shape of a bee swarm cluster hanging from a tree after the hive swarms, the shape is exactly the shape of a human heart! I have bees, but am not the best beekeeper so my hives have swarmed - it is an AWESOME sight. It starts as a tornado of bees swirling everywhere and ends perched in a heart-shaped cluster on a tree branch, which hangs out there until the hive finds a home.
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