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Hey everyone! I am new here. I love it.

I was thinking about the concept of PROTECTION in regards to the Empress...
The feminine principle, as opposed to the "active" and external masculine principle, is one of housing and containing a creative idea or particular emotion. And when you read about her reaction to her daughter being kidnapped and how she leaves her "earthly throne" for 3 months out of the year to be with her in the underworld I just imagine that motherly instinct and drive to protect what she has brought into the world and nurtured. So possibly, when this card comes up in a reading, it could be reminding the querent not only of cycles and timing, and that all things meant to come to us will be revealed eventully, but that whatever the querent is trying to cultivate needs to be protected a bit. This could mean not talking to everyone about the idea or the relationship, and to make sure others aren't sabotaging.

just my two cents! Thanks again for all your ideas on the interpretations of these cards, its' been so helpful!
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