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I've done very little divination, and my interests are actually more related to philosophy, and how the symbols represent it. I dont mean the dry academic stuff, but the living, psychological/hermetic stuff. I even taught a 10 week course on it, some years ago.

I've considered reversals, but never compared it to astrology. Its a great rationale there.....that every planet is both positive and negative (which they are - despite the old conventions like Jupiter = nice and Mars = trouble), and actually, thats a more subtle and sophisticated approach - also - when you translate it into Tarot methodology.

Say, here's an idea:

What about if people also mention what significance cards have had in the readings they've done? So here for example, did it ever indicate that someone was pregnant, before they knew it?
- In other words, the real life stories, and how they've corresponded to each of the cards in readings. So far, no one has done that.
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