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What a wonderful story about the fish. The Page of Cups is one of my favorite cards in this deck. The child is so full of wonder and delight. I love the fish, and the magnificent wave behind the child, a promise of all the emotion, creativity, and love to come. I love also that the child is wearing a heart on the shoulder -- literally wearing their heart on their sleeve.

I actually see all the Pages as very androgynous, except the Page of Pentacles who does seem female. But I think it is that unfortunate 70's hairdo - the top of her head just seems too high. Maybe when she manages her resources better she can get a better haircut. She is my least favorite page in this deck - she seems sad. She has not really looked at her gift yet, her gaze is elsewhere. Maybe that is the slowness of earth in comparison to the other elements? She is in red, white, and black, which indicates the Great Mother Goddess, but she doesn't know who she is, I think.

I love the energy of the Pages of Rods and Swords. Both of them, as you say, very active. I like the connection to the sun on the wands card, and the active calling out into the world. The Page of Rods (One question I have is why she called them rods, when she portrays them as flowering wands...) has a firm grasp on the flowering wand, knows already, instinctively, how to use this gift.

The Page of Swords I have seen as a young woman, going out to meet the challenges of the world, with her sword raised, her mind sharp. She too, has already grasped the importance of her gift, and is ready to use it. In this card she is dressed in green, with white/grey feathers, are they owl feathers? In any case, she seems very grounded in the earth in spite of her intellectual sharpness, she has allies in the air and the owl. I like her very much.
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