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Originally Posted by rachelcat
Page of Coins--Oh, I think this is a beautiful card! He is not looking at his coin because he is in a still meditative state, at one with the earth. There is a story that when the Buddha was a young boy, there was a planting festival in which his father, the king, ceremonially plowed the first furrow. Sitting under a tree a bit removed from the festivities and surrounded by the beauty of the springtime earth, he entered a spontaneous natural meditative state and gained an understanding of the cycles of life and death. This is the page of coins. I just put this connection together today. Previously, I could never understand what books meant when they said "earth of earth" means something like "mystical understanding." Now I have an idea!
Thanks for the Buddha story, Rachelcat. I will have to look at this card in a new light. I usually like the Page of Pentacles/Coins, so was disappointed in this image.

Flavio, I also like the idea of the coin being a seed the Page can plant in the field.

You've really opened this card up for me, thanks.
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