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Red face

The Page of Swords reminds me of my oldest daughter, very smart and always on the defensive, her clear quick thinking supprise's people when they meet her and she was,and is quiet a challanging child, so this card to me means a suprise,good or bad depending on surrounding cards and the information you get will have to be acted on quickly you will need a clear head.As Swords is air I think the wearing of a green surcoat means that what you think and do will have earthly reprecussions and the brown cloak reaffirms this to me sort of like what you sow you will reap.

I find it interesting that the Page of Pentacles has a red coat over a white hirt you would think it would be green as it is associated with earth, but as the color red means passion and new beginings, love ect I think this page has found out that all the energy he/she has put into creating some thing material wasn't all that satisfying after all hence the rather sad look. I think everyone in there life at some time has been to caught up in getting material items at the expense of there spirtual side so this card serves as a reminder it's okay to get a nice house job ect but don't let it overtake your life.

The Page of Rods on the other hand looks really happy he is shouting his news to the world whatever is flowering in his life is good, the red cloak is his passion about what he is happy about, the orange tunic the communication the sun around his neck happy news, the green belt and hat the connection to the earth it hasn't gone to his head the mountains the stability behind it, but also maybe an obstacle but he will climb over it when the time/challange comes.

The Page of Cups looks supprised to me too, wether it is the fish in his cup or at the depth of his emotions, the wave behind him looks like it is going to crash down onto him, maybe the fish in his cup is trying to warn him, how many times have we ignored our emotions, let our head rule our heart when some times it is better to follow our heart. The blue green of his clothes affirm to me that whatever the subject is, it is an emotional one, the purple under tunic a spirtual one to. I find that the red clasp holding his cloak together to be glinting over his heart confirms to listen with his heart the red ribbon around the cup too, and as the red stone around his head is smaller, to not let the head have to much say in the matter at hand. The seaweed on his cloak looks to be wavering, like his/her emotions.
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