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It's a romantic deck, that's for sure, but women have no trouble being romantic, and in our modern era many men still find that shameful to be romantic. I guess men who are comfortable with themselves and accept their romantic side are comfortable with this deck. As I said earlier, the women in the deck are not victims but predators like men, using their sex-appeal to get what they want.

When I think romantic, I don't always think about the fluffy romanticism we have nowadays, I often think Romantic, the Romantic period in the 19th century. Let's just say that I studied French litterature in college. The Romantics were people writting dark, terrible and touching stories and poems, mixing what was bad with good, gruesomeness with beauty, best exemple is "Une charogne" by Baudelaire, describing a corpse in a beautiful poem. I think this deck has a lot of repulsion-attaction, gruesome-beautiful aspects, typical of the Romantic period.

When I think about this deck, I think about a short story written by one of my favourite author Théophile Gautier (19th century author): La Morte amoureuse. In this story, a young priest falls in love with a female vampire and they become lovers. She loves him as well, and she resists many times to take his life away or to make him become a monster like her. At the end, she is killed and the priest is in shock to discover she was a monster.

Originally posted by Umbrae It’s a deck for manly men.
Would you care to explain what you mean by that?
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