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Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: 9 of Wands/23

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: I like the idea behind this 9 of Wands. The Moses theme fits well within the traditional meaning of a "rest between battles" but also adds a substance to the idea- that of preserving something precious, the promise of the future.

Card Description: A babe lies on a vibrant red cushion inside a wicker basket, floating gently on the water amidst reeds. A woman stands behind the basket, wrapped in a white robe, pushing the baby gently through the water.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: neutral

Colors: red, brown, yellow, blue and white

Senses: you feel the cool water lapping at your skin and the rough edges of the basket on your fingertips, the soft cooing of the babe sings in your ears as you taste the salty tears of your silent fear and grief.

Symbols: basket, babe, white robe, reeds

Story (intuitive): My heart aches for the woman. I have watched her give birth to this child on the longest night of the year, watched the child triumphant as the Prince and then the two of them together, their bond of love forming the Magician. Yet, here she stands, covered in white- the old traditional color of mourning. Her face is full of grief, yet determined, as she pushes the Prince among the reeds, hiding him away from those who would seek to destroy the promise that he holds. I mourn, as I feel that the duality of the Magician is slipping away. The woman does not look away from the babe, yet she addresses me sternly in a tear-roughened voice, "NO, our duality remains strong and we remain the Magician, even when separated! The bond is complete, there is nothing that can break it. Does your love lessen when your children have to travel far away? Does theirs? No, nor does ours.". I nod in understanding, though am still upset for their plight. "You shouldn't have to hide." I tell her softly. She looks at me now, exasperated at my continued lack of understanding, "Of course we shouldn't have to! But, we do and the only thing that matters at this point is keeping him safe, so that the promise of the future may come to fruition. That is ALL that matters! And in the end, we will prosper, and never regret that retreat was once necessary to bring about the fulfillment. In our rest we will become stronger. Know that any sacrifice is worth it when the promise is so great.". And true understanding finally hits me. Of course, that is the meaning of true commitment and love- the willingness to sacrifice, to hold back and retreat for the greater good. I understand well, as I am doing the same thing now for the protection of my family and our future promise. And in the end, I will stand with her and we will prevail! The sacrifice will be fulfilled by the promise and we know that at the end lies hope!

Astrologic: first quarter moon in Aries, planetary ruler: Saturn

Element: air

Keywords: rest between battles, protection, nurturing

Meanings: something that needs protection in order to mature to its full potential

Quote: "The sacrifice is worth the promise it brings."
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