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Great Information, Fulgour!

The Green Man as Fool has always baffled me, so I am very glad that you posted this particular card.
I do know the Green Man as the male fecund aspect of Nature, the Guardian of the green wood and protector of the throne of the King. I can follow his move into being “Robin Hood”. I can see him as, even, the Emperor Card, himself. He is such a powerful figure, and to have managed to come down to us today, his form relatively unchanged is just more proof of his enduring power.
I do not see him as being the same as Cernnenos, the Great Horned one, because his kingdom is of the animals, not the woods and earth itself.
In this, I tend more to Mark Ryan’s’ (of the Greenwood Tarot) view. He has the Green Man as Emperor.

But here I am, looking at the Fool, trying to find my way to seeing him that way!

There is some help in the SC book:
(Paraphrasing like mad, here) The Green Man is outside of our normal order of the day-by-day stuff. He is a wild card, and will take you places and ways you’ve never considered before. He is the sudden storm that washes away the clear path before you and sets you down in another place. If you follow his call, you will discover riches within. “Spiritually you will receive unexpected guidance and fresh inspiration with experiences far beyond the usual. It is the call of the Otherworld to seek and to know."
And, ”It is a leap into the dark”.

“ The Journey of the Fool” through the Major Arcana is the progress of the “spirit towards initiation.” “…The Green Man is the force that triggers the process, arising from discontent and soul searching….”
Which, in this context, we have to admit, is not all bad!

Does he work as the Fool to anyone else? And why? Or Why Not?
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