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the master method

This is the master method from sacred texts - 36 cards: Ace, 7 -10, Jack, Queen, King and the four 2's.
The selected pack of thirty-two cards, which have been mentioned in connection with several of the preceding methods, are in this case augmented by the addition of the four twos,one of which is sometimes taken as the representative of the inquirer. There is no hard and fast rule about this, however, and another card may be taken if preferred.
Feel free to join! Though there are many cards used, we don't need to combine them, just read them according to their position and add the oracle part which should also be fun thanks to the gloomy fortune-telling aspect.

The Thirty-Six Squares and their Significance.

We will take the meanings of the thirty-six squares in connection with the several cards that may cover them.

When covered by a heart, the inquirer may hope that the project will be successfully carried out.
When covered by a club, kind and trusty friends will help forward the project.
When covered by a diamond, there are serious business complications in the way of the project's accomplishment.
When covered by a spade, the inquirer will have his trust abused and those in whom he has confided will play him false, to the detriment of the project in hand.
Now we need to decide whether we use the regular complete 52 playing cards like this was a spread and not all cards are used, or whether we reduce the set accordingly, or whether we use a Lenormand deck (which uses the 6's instead of the 2's) with playing card inserts.

We may also discuss whether this spread is just valid for November, or whether we read this focus related.

Let me know what you think
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