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December 2016

I think this is going to be a boring month. Already started out with a bad cold.
Alternative meanings:
5 columns
1: December 1st-7th
2 9 8
Two of spade paired with cards like the Two or Nine of Hearts, a romantic separation is
imminent. I been talking to some girls...maybe it just won't work out.

nine of heart deals with cottage, house, new life.

8 of diamond gossip/idle chatter: Paired with something
like the Two of Spades, it might mean something like “loose lips sink ships,” and that one should hold
one’s tongue for a while.

Between December 1st to December 7th... it looks like there will be some type of Separation with a romantic person because of 'loose lips sink ships"...may say something the other doesn't like or they may say something I don't like.

Had communciation with someone from the past, there were idle chats and some confrontation and some shocking news.
2: December 8th-14
8 7 5
Flirtation; Pillow talk. While the Two of Hearts is all about doing it, this card is all about talking
about doing it. The Eight of Hearts shows that giddy, fun stage of filrtation and wooing that so often
appears early in the relationship. It can also mean a sweet, tender intimacy and connecting with a
partner on an emotional as well as physical level.

Doubts/Worries: Fear of romantic interference from others: trouble with opposite sex: danger or feeling confine.

The Five of Spades indicates sickness,
disease, pain, etc. It can also mean that there’s something that needs to be buried, like a hatchet
between the client and someone he/she is feuding with.
Also can represent a divorce/break-up, unexpected surprise, or change in lifestyle.

Flirtation/pillow talk that is full of worries that need to be buried between me and the person.
Flirtation/pillow talk that has a level of sickening worries.

Worries and anxiety about dating and also stuff needing to be burried to begin again.
3: December 15th-21
J 7 4
This card can also have to do with calm and peace, though, even indicating a period of self-pampering in a way. In some cases, the card simply refers to a boy or young man in the client’s life. (I chose to not see this as a pregnancy card because there is no one in my family that will have a child nor would I get pregnant)
Another meaning: Lover, confidant, or best friend.

Hate; Fear. This card shows a love that has grown too strong and become hate, or possibly fear
and terror of another person. It’s also possible that the Seven of Hearts will act as a warning in a reading, alerting the subject to the presence of an enemy.
Seven of Hearts: A troubled heart or emotional problem. Unsettled emotions. Dissipation of trouble, sometimes. Religion, in general.
Another meaning is:
Another meaning: inconsistent friend, challenges in love/relationship, (doubts), disappointment, unrealiable, not dependable, let down.

A trunk or travel case; A lock. Like with other fours, this card shows a relative stagnation.
However, in the case of the Four of Hearts, that could also mean incubation or preparation. The image
of a hope chest or a steamer trunk fits this card, with all their promised potential for excitement,
romance, marriage, and just life in general. However, getting mired down in preparation can lead to a
life of lockdown, where everything is being kept just so, and never given the opportunity for use.
Another meaning: Emotional stability. An even temper. Fairness or justice. An apartment or summer home or cottage. In times past, but occasionally still today, a barn or outbuilding serving some function for the doings of the homestead (which is the Ace of Hearts).
Another meaning: Feeling protect & secure in love/marriage or family, commitment or marriage, Foundation of love is strong.

There might be a young male who is hated for promised potential
Calm & peace is is replaced with fear/hate about the promised potential.
There might be someone who I am having challenges with in feeling secure.

Hung out (4heart) with someone(J heart) I have unsettles emotions with. (7heart)
4: December 22nd-28
7 A 2
While the sevens of the other suits tend to have some potent negativity,
the Seven of Spades can have a very good side. It can imply a great deal of strength, mastery of a
situation, or even coming victory and glory. Caution is always best, though. If this card lands with the
Ace, Five, Nine, or Ten of Spades, heads will roll.
Another meaning: Loss of something, uncovering a truth, removal
Advice that is best not taken; loss. There is some obstacle to success, and this indicates that obstacles may be coming from within the querent.

Death; Sudden change. This card is paralleled by the Death card in the tarot deck. And like its
counterpart, it doesn’t necessarily mean physical death, but instead a sudden transformation or an
ending. Much of this card’s meaning depends upon what it’s next to.
Another meaning: Death, rebirth, change transformation...ending of one thing and beginning of another. Existing problems may be resolved.
Misfortune; sometimes associated with death or, more often, a difficult ending.

A handshake; Business partnership. The Two of Clubs shows an agreement or arrangement made
between two people, often for the sake of business or stability. It can indicate a treaty or alliance of
some kind, or a pairing up to overcome obstacles in the way.
Another meaning: Conversation, communication, may lead to impatience irritability & confrontation,
Obstacles to success; malicious gossip.

Heads are going to roll this week about some arrangement made between two people.


Heads are going to roll this week because of an agreement.
(Maybe sister drama that I always get thrown in the middle of)


Uncovering a truth that causes existing problems to be resolved through communication/confrontation.

Advice best not taken about a difficult situation that has obstacles preventing success easily.

Heads did roll but it was a sister fight over what was suppose to happen/not a clear agreement. Poor communication/planning
5: December 29-Jan 4th
10 k 9
A herd or flock; Clouds. This card is abundance, completion, and satisfaction. It is definitely all
about rewards, comfort, and a job well done. It completes the sense of accomplishment found in the
Five of Clubs, and adds the element of restfulness. The seeker’s found his or her calling, home life is
happy and stable, and/or business is steady and fulfilling. The clouds, heavy with rain on the horizon,
are pouring down copiously. This is the “pat on the back” or “Miller time” card.
Business success. Good luck with money. A trip taken now may result in a new friend or love interest.

A criminal; An executioner; Wrath; A male rival. The King of Spades is powerful, too, and just as
vicious as his queen. He is not the just judge found in the clubs, but an executioner ready to exact a
penalty for any wrongdoings. He will take what is rightfully the client’s if he can, or attack when the
client is the weakest. If this card appears, the client should attempt to make amends for any
transgressions, and turn to friends or family for support in case hard times lie ahead.
Dark-haired man; or a man with Air predominating in his chart. An ambitious man, perhaps self-serving.
A doctor
A male who is very serious or possibly cold.
A tailor/seamstress.

Daydreams; Peace and contentment. Think of this card as a leisurely day spent in the sun with
nothing particular to do. It’s a card of relative idleness, but without any real negativity. It’s a well learned
rest, a chance to plan for the future, and time to stop and smell the flowers. Beware, though, if
it’s paired with a four of any kind, as it may mean that all one’s plans are but pipe dreams, destined to
disappear like clouds in an afternoon sky. Or something like that.
A new business deal; travel; restlessness; a change of residence.

Business success with a Dark haired Man (I see this as a lawyer/judge because of the Kspade) causes travel or change of residence.

Completion/satisfaction with a king of swords person about plans for the future or travel. Alternatively....maybe it means completion of a driver's test (king spades+9 diamond)

3 rows will be the 3 themes of the month

See how this works out:
2 - 8heart - Jheart - 7spade - 10
separation - wooing/flirting - self-pampering/young male - victory - completion/abundance/satisfaction.
9 - 7clubs - 7hearts - Aspade - K
cottage/house/new life - doubts/worries - Hate/fear - sudden change/transformation - a judge/executioner
8 - 5spade - 4heart - 2clubs - 9
gossip-idle chat - sickness/buried - promised potential - agreement/arrangement peace/contentment
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