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I'm not sure how to read this one, so the general Lenormand rules should work here,too. What I usually do with any GT, is reading the whole deck as 4 phrases. As the use of playing card symbols is reduced, I'll just list the numbers.
5's, 3's, and the Queens are complete - groups, gains & losses; growth, and truth
3x Kings, Jacks, 9's, 8's, 7's, and 2's. But not a single 4 - things are on the move, things are going somewhere.
18 black cards, 10 spades! Yuck.

asking myself - do workmates count as groups? When thinking about previously sorrow then yes. All the queens with their truths in the group, there were gains (a bit of added weight, new members to the team) and losses (one member gone, and sadly, she told a big fat lie).
Things have been on the move and are moving still. Direction yet unclear.
All the black cards... I felt bad for most of the time, but then suddenly there was understanding. The dark clouds dissolved. Now I can look at some things without feeling sorry. I just look and think and watch from different perspectives.

The first 3 cards are clubs: talking about the present situation at work. 9 - 8 - 3 looks like a reduction. Q could be one of my workmates, who is also a friend of mine. She has much on her plate, but she is doing a good job. Looks like she tries to sort things out, but she cannot give more than she has. I know she wants to help me. 7 - 3 - 7 looks like a loss of trouble, but that might be a deception in order to keep me calm and happy.
Stresslevel reduced, I have been on vacation for two weeks. Q might be my new boss. Something she said changed perspective, I have to rethink.

second line: I know these cards aren't mean, but what an assembly of ghastly combinations! This almost looks like physical death. All in all, bad news coming along, and the inability to communicate adds to the discomfort. A - 8 - 9 looks like a piece of work, and it will not be easy. The cure, or offer (5 could be a helping hand) brings forth an ending. Bad news and lots of malicious gossip. This might not be of my concern, though it adds to the scenery. lol
Looks like somebody was coming to a decision, and I am confronted with the result. Could refer to both work and location.

there was no physical death, no specifically bad news, and communication wasn't that bad. A friend of mine was worried about his health, I was worried about his demeanour. I also accepted that I am not friends with a person who thinks we're friends. Though we are interested in the same thing, I cannot be bothered to see her more often than once a month. Preferably less. She does not appear as a queen, perhabs she is the black J? Well, she is a nice person doing nice things, but she wears me down. After one hour in her company, I feel drained.
Back to the bright side, there is a deeply moving exchange going on. I did a lot of inner work, but no rumination. Perhaps that's what the spades are all about - they are locks which do not automatically come with keys.
However, all the other cards might work as keys: for friendliness and love, for money and exchange, for effort and activity.

Third line: King 2 Queen. Not sure who this couple is. They have a friends-with-benefits relationship. The Q is surrounded by many red cards, she should be a gentle person. Smart, a bit intimidating. Connected to the
Q, should be a person in my virtual network. Should be a person I really like, I can think of at least one person who fits that description. Not sure how the playing cards describe cardreading, but the first one that comes to mind is J. This line looks nice, it talks about daydreaming and physical activity that keeps the nasty mood at bay
Still no idea who this couple is. Daydreaming and physical activity was helpful.

Fourth line comes with Q, which seems a rather inactive position. Things happen to me, I watch them come. There also is that heartache, which feels like I visit a graveyard. Do I come to peace with this after all? Could also be a journey and a visitor coming by. Oh, don't get me started again!
I'm coming to peace with myself. The walk is becoming a memory, the people I met with are also becoming memories. So there you have the cemetary... all filled with happy memories. No further harm. I can turn my back, feeling the power of this lifechanging experience, and feel enabled to be alive. I wish they'd be my friends, but like after school's over the paths needed to seperate.
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