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Originally Posted by Huck View Post
Similar for other ideas, for instance, that "Tarot comes from Egyptia" or that there is a meaningful difference between "invented here" and "invented there" or about the so-called book "Archeology of the Tarot" (the search engine is astonishing silent about this title), in the case that it is real and has anything to do with the theme of this part of the forum, which is called "Historical Research".
This book is not yet published, nor is there any indication it is even written.

Since the poster "TarotCard" seems to know what it is about, we may guess that TarotCard is Morgan DuVall, the author of the forthcoming book. However, as the book is not yet even available, posting an announcement of it in a "where to start, what to read" thread, is at best disingenuous, at worst pure spam.
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