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The last in line

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A man half dressed appears to have been taken by surprise. No shoes, no shirt, just orange and green checkered pants that are only as long as his knees. These appear to me to be pajama pants of some sort. Yet he has his helmet, and a sword dangling from him on his left, a daggar hangs from him on his right. Even if he was taken by surprise he seems prepared, as if always in a constant state of readiness. It's almost as if he was relaxing, and heard something, grabbed his gear and ran to defend his territory.

He is alone holding up his wand which does not have any type of point on either end. 6 very pointy wands are emerging from over the stone wall and I can see 2 helmets emerging, as well.

The single man standing alone does seem to be protecting something he feels very strongly about and seems to be very capable of defending himself against his attackers. If this is his home, he as the advantage. The element of surprise is no match for the warrior who is always ready to fight.
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