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The arched shape of the windows makes it look like this Tower is the same building as the one on the Hierophant card. So it would especially be spiritual ideas and certainties that are overthrown in the Tower card. The base of the building is square symbolizing the earthly and material. The next two levels are octagonal: still squarish but tending in a rounder direction. More points of view are possible since each of the eight sides has a window. It isn't shown but I wonder if the tower had a rounded dome top to indicate a spiritual view.

The eye. It looks like an Egyptian Eye of Horus. Egyptian symbols are so complicated because of that land's very long history. I gather that this symbol of the eye was first associated with the sun (uadjet) and later with the story of Horus' eye being torn out by Seth and restored by Thoth the god of knowledge and magic. Somehow, for me this adds up to knowledge of truth, the sun, spiritual truth. So the intensity of this light of truth destroys the ediface of spiritual ideas which is where the Heirophant lives. You can't depend on your teachers or spiritual leaders any more at this point as it is about direct experience.

Astrologically the card refers to Mars, fiery and destructive. If I am reading this right about a spiritual ediface being destroyed by truth and direct experience, the destruction is ultimately for the best. Look what comes of it: the Star card.

Another thing: The crown that is falling has red and yellow stripes on it. The Fool is wearing a red and yellow striped garment (and socks!). These strong red and yellow stripes show up again and again in the majors. They aren't in every card but look at the Chariot, the Hanged Man, Temperance (her necklace) the Wheel of Fortune, the Hierophant. I think this is showing the Fool going through the majors. The people in each card don't look like him but the stripes sort of indicate his presence. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

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