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I have a different view on the Tower.

Like others, I see the Tower itself and the Crown as the hubris of humanity. Our vanity builds large edifices and elevates ourselves, improperly, above other creatures. Call it the Tower of Babel if you will, but the interpretation need not be biblical; because the result is the same.

Fate, Karma, destiny, whatever you call it, evens things out. Our vanity will encounter the sudden, countervailing force which restores the natural balance of the universe.

The revealing eye is an old masonic symbol. It is present on the back of the dollar bill. The eye in Losche's Justice card, which is distinguished from the Greek Godess of Justice (Themis), has an open eye.

It is not God that strikes down the Tower, it is Justice. It restores balance by striking down the proud, the boastful, and the ordinary person. It is neither kind nor cruel. It has no feeling, rendering its power in exacting measure.

I don't think its the Christian God, because the eye bears the symbol of Horus, and God would never share the spotlight with another deity.
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