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The tower of Babel is very apt as Babel can be identified as the world's multicultural aspects.

Our views are nearly identical, it is our interpretations that are different. I was, however, unaware of the term "revealing eye," and that does mean a lot to me since you refer to the Great Seal of America's reverse side.

My birthday is shared with Americas Great Seal's Day, June 20. My birth took place 199 years after the "Symbolic Birthday of America (the interpretation used by the Franlin Institue)", my numerology, both by birthday and by name equal nine and i have 9 sylables in my name. There are 9 feathers balancing the eagles tail.

Also, on my left (receptive) hand is an interesting palmistry configuration in the combined form of the reavealing eye (as there are 'rays' above the 'eye') and the eye of horus (the stylized design below the eye), I am not really sure if the eye is open or closed, depends on how my hand looks i suppose. The information that you just provided divinerguy has helped me put some pieces together.

Back to the card:

This may or may not be the place for this topic but here goes:

The symbolisim of the WTC attack and the Tower card are too predominant to ignore. This deck's tower is no different, a powerful structure being destroyed by, as you say, justice/karma. All is god (including what may not be considered xtian) and thus justice and karma are aspects to god. They are seperate energies and yet part of a greater whole. However, it is the two figures falling that are connected to the WTC attack, perhaps too much. I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but there were people jumping off the tower, two i believe, before the collapse. Two, just like the card. I did not start to buy any tarot cards untill after the attack, but the site of seeing that is forever in my memory and thus present in my tower interpretations, first expressed in this deck.

Quite appropriatly too, it is the eye of Justice, whom is displayed prominantly in American Symbolism as a person, that is taking care of the business at hand. It is stylized with egyptian designs, marking the disrepect that teh US has recieved (most of it justly so) from the middle east area's including Egypt. The falling crown reminds me of Britain's royalty (our prime ally in most of these transgressions).

I don't mean to bog down the meaning of the card with current events, but the tarot is timeless, and thus can provide a point of view unparalleled for any time or event that comes across mankinds destiny.
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