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A few things i noted...

When I look at this card I get the feeling that the house belongs to the fool. Considering this card comes at the beginning and the end of the major Arcana cycle it gives me the impression that she has climbed onto her roof to be closer to the divine/heavens. Almost like she is on top of HER world.

She is carefree and has faith and a closeness to her god that she trusts in. This is what gives her the freedom and the confidence to take such risks as dancing on rooftops.

The dog tugging at her skirt warns against being too foolish in certain situations. He seems pretty determined to hold on to her and gives me a real grounded feeling when I look at him. I think he represents friends as well as our own common sense and inner warnings.

The skirt being so ragged also shows how simple the fool’s life is. She doesn’t need fancy clothes or possessions. She is happy dancing with the birds and being close to the universe.

I also noted that there were 7 birds - seems significant to me.

Also this card gives me a sense of childlike fantasy and curiosity because it reminds me of characters like Snow white and Cinderella singing and dancing with the animals in the disney films.
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