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Originally Posted by Xrysalida View Post

Knight of wands - Devil - Knight of pentacles

If is you one of the knights then I see you standing opposite someone who is very methodic, what is between you is a very intense energy, i think is pretty sexual combination you seem to need to decide about someone or between 2 guys,it doesnt look bad to me at all it lloks pretty hot and if is indeed of this nature then i feel you will enjoy, on a business level you will be rewarded for your efforts.

You appear to be feeling or will be feeling a little left out in the cold or rejected but I'm unsure if this has to do with matters of the heart or work. Continue focussing on yourself and working hard (on yourself)to get that person to notice how totally effective and great you are. Collaboration and trust in yourself is key here

5 of pentacles/2 of cups/8 of pentacles
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