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Feedback for Xrysalida

Originally Posted by Xrysalida View Post

Knight of wands - Devil - Knight of pentacles

If is you one of the knights then I see you standing opposite someone who is very methodic, what is between you is a very intense energy, i think is pretty sexual combination you seem to need to decide about someone or between 2 guys,it doesnt look bad to me at all it lloks pretty hot and if is indeed of this nature then i feel you will enjoy, on a business level you will be rewarded for your efforts.
No love interest at the moment. On a business level I am awaiting a response from a prospect, I drew Knight of wands myself. So if all goes well the response might come unexpectedly? Sign a contract (Devil) and work (Knight pents - this will be an ongoing project)

Fingers cross it's for the business because I really need the money now.. sex can wait.
Thank you so much.

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