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Empress RX - Knight of Wands & Queen of Cups RX - Knight of Pents RX

Hmmm, this is interesting, I see two couples (or ideas expressed as couples) or two potential paths for the same couple, both in allignment with each other.

The first is a woman otherwise very feminine and nurturing that will meet quite an active and appealing (or downright sexy) young man who will take her on a trip abroad or to a different place (not necessarily too far away, but as I see here, either from a very luscious place to a more desert-like one, or simply meaning to an opposite landscape to where she is now) and she'll experience awakening and happiness and she will therefore turn the Empress around. Still, the knight could be a tendency in herself, her masculine, adventurous side, but as, except for Miss Emp they're all court cards I tend to think the actual-person-possibility is much higher (higher than 80%, I think).

The second is a woman drained of her emotions, or so un-trusting that she cannot see and understand what she really feels that meets an uncooperative young man who needs to be pushed to do anything and is very materialistic at heart. He could be hot and such, or at least smart (as in smartly dressed and quite wealthy, or squandering wealth to be more exact). They will stay in the same place, doing nothing, or at least nothing productive for either of them until all the cups and the coins have poured out and they're withering, empty and unhappy.

I think the she-cards represent the two aspects of you that are appealing for the two knights at this time. I'd say go for the adventurer, you'll need to get out of your present reality to be able to turn either she-cards, don't get stuck with a guy that you need to force to say or do anything nice. I don't want to comment on the wand the KoW is holding (RWS), but I suppose that knight has really got it going!

Sorry for the long story, I really found this spread super-interesting! :-D
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