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Originally Posted by anie View Post

page of pentacles/8 of swords/chariot

some news you are anticipating is not coming and its making you feel like you need to wait around for it (or its holding you back)... the cards are telling you to move on from this waiting and continue business as usual.. the message will come in due time.
Yes, I am aware of that, still, I don't like waiting! *angry face* XD




Queen of Cups RX - Chariot RX - VIII of Wands

You've been in too many unsuccessful relationships that have drained you emotionally, not all necessarily love/romantic. You probably feel powerless and keen to give in to the negative effects of your past disappointments and you may not even be able to imagine a possible positive outcome in relationships that haven't even materialized yet. You're going from pessimist to worse, much worse! And if you don't do anything about it, nothing will change and you'll spiral down until you're an empty shell. Here comes the nice VIIIoW who tells you that, in fact, you have so many opportunities that you can just grab one and be happy with it. But the thing is, these opportunities don't just come in and wait for you, they come in fast, and they'll go fast as well if you don't make most of them, probably to their next target. Wake up, turn those two cards and make the most of that 8!
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