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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
I will have to check out Samael Aun Weor's attributions. Eden Gray once made a stab at a "three-dimensional Tree" with sephirotic major arcana that I found rather profoundly unsatisfying, sticking the Universe in Chokmah (which I felt completely missed the point) and the Wheel of Fortune in Malkuth (again off the mark IMO). At least giving the Fool to Kether agreed with my personal system, but I know others would quibble. (See the "Systems of Occult Thought" section of her A Complete Guide to the Tarot.)

Regarding multiple trees, I have an academic interest in other versions but don't really feel a compelling need to adopt a substitue for the Kircher. Of course, nearly all of my work with it is Golden-Dawn-based, so I'm probably just biased; at my age I doubt I have enough years left to get deeply involved in anything else, since it took me several decades to get where I am with the Kircher tree.
You must have a relationship with the cards and esotericism that I can only imagine. Unfortunately I discovered all of this stuff a little late on.

In relation to Samael Aun Weor, I just wanted to mention that he often provides correspondences with no explanation (for example fool card with Sagitarious) and he tends to deliver his information as self help guides. He a,so tends to scatter his info so it can be hard to correlate in my experience. that said, I like to use him to shake up a set model now and then, but I just wanted to give a word of caution too.
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