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I agree about some decks being "attractive" yet difficult to read with which means it is a waste of time and more of a challenge.

"Rider" to me is "masculine" so I do feel it should be "male" as well plus I am sure that card is looked upon as someone being "well endowed" and "physically in proportion". Almost 99.9% certain on that!.

Something like bridge leading up to the sky for "crossroads" does not cut it for me - so with your "park" comment I do understand.

NEXT I will give two other decks I have not used yet a go to see what they are like:

"Enchanted" and "Lenormand Cartomancy".

Originally Posted by Tag_jorrit View Post
I really like the decks with the playing card inserts. Sometimes the royalty cards can be person cards.

And the decks where you can instantly tell what they symbol is. Although many have attractive artwork, they can difficult to read because of all the busy, distracting illustrations.

The Rider must be male and look like he's on a mission since the Rider is an alternate young man or someone delivering news.

Another important one for me is that the Park must be illustrated properly, as it is sometimes pictured as a cozy garden since the Park/Garden is representative of the general public or a social circle so the visual cues can help.

Nearly all the traditional and/or antique decks have the "correct" illustrations, such as the commercially available Piatnik, Blue Owl decks. My site as lots of more obscure antique repros that have good illustrations if you like the antique look. The newer ones that I like such as the Maybe Lenormand and Pixie's Lenormand are very readable modern decks. But then, I am a traditionalist at heart.
I have seen images of the "Celtic", but it did nothing for me. Sad as I like "Celtic" themes.

A tiny heart on a shell? So, much for LOVE!.

Originally Posted by Village Witch View Post
I am relatively new to Lenormand but own the decks you mention here. I agree with your assessment.

One deck that drives me crazy and messes me up completely when it read with it is the Celtic Lenormand. A tiny little shell heart on a rock representing the Heart trips me up every time, as do a few other cards in the deck. Some artists take way too much liberty that can result in very confusing and not easily recognizable symbols.
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